About us

Ray Aquatics is a manufacturer of high quality nutrition for the aquariology. A new company that develops products and has them explicitly tested by breeders and specialists before taking the products into production. After 15 years of expertise at the largest fish food manufacturer in the Netherlands, Ray Aquatics introduces new products that distinguish themselves from other in nutritive value, quality, appearance and price.

The carefully composed nutrition of Ray Aquatics contains all elements your fish, turtles and rays need for a good growth and digestion. Besides the right carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals the nutrition contains positive bacteria that eliminate pathogenic bacteria and parasites. The positive bacteria also provide better digestion and a crystal clear aquarium. Because of the very fine grinding the nutrition has a very good adhesion without making use of gelatine. Therefore your fish get 100% nutrition. The different kinds of nutrition of Ray Aquatics are easy to combine with the current available products on the market.

Besides own nutrition, Ray Aquatics also manufactures nutrition for Discusfood Germany, Biotopica Spain and KLDF France - Malaysia.

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